Superstition + Science: A Love Story.

There’s an alchemist amongst us in Chicago, and her name is Mary A. Osborne. She’s a writer, a spiritual teacher and a bit of an artist. Her second novel, Alchemy’s Daughter, dives deeper into the world of Alchemy and its superstitious history touched upon in her first, Nonna’s Book of Mysteries. Currently at work on her third in this series, Osborne also makes time to inspire young girls of Chicago at alchemy parties.

Grab a mason jar, some mementos that mean the world to you and visit Osborne to celebrate a young lady in your life. While you’re booking your very own alchemy party, check out more about Alchemy’s Daughter and Osborne in “Superstition + Science: A Love Story” featured on the Chicago Book Review.

Until next time, sing-a-long with me and lets hope the rain goes away until another, far off day.

All best,



Superstition + Science: A Love Story

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